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About Dalla Mano



Dalla Mano was founded by Jonna Gill, a classically trained Jewelry Designer, Metal Smith, Couturier and artist, who gave birth to the company after making a decision to go "back to the bench" to create a new and vibrant collection of fine couture jewelry and exquisite accessories by hand.  "Our mission at Dalla Mano," she says, "is to bring beauty into the world through tangible design and to create the extraordinary."  Jonna is a hands-on designer who is involved in the design and creation process from the initial sketch to the detailing and polishing of the finished piece.

Craftsmanship and intricacy of design are the hallmarks of the Dalla Mano Collection which consist of precious and substantial Haute Couture jewelry and accessories made of the highest quality and of the finest materials.

The Dalla Mano Start-up Collection is "cohesive yet oft times eclectic" with Lead Designer Jonna Gill drawing her inspiration from medieval roman architecture, art deco design, classic sculptural geometric forms and the whisperings of nature.  Her current and ever growing collection of handcrafted rings, earrings, necklace and belt buckles, made of precious metals and gemstones, reflect an appreciation for beauty and a commitment to quality workmanship that is all too rare in today's mass-market society. 

"When you place your order with us," says founder Jonna Gill, "our team goes immediately to task to create a hand-wrought item, made especially for you.  Extra care and attention goes into every detail with you in mind. Our goal is to make our customer happy and that they be delighted with their purchase!"

The name Dalla Mano literally means by hand, and beginning with the medieval inspired Roma Belt Buckle Collection, to the luxurious shimmering necklaces of the Regale Collection, you can be sure that each piece offered by Dalla Mano has been wrought by hand and born from the heart, as reflected in the company logo: two hands lifting a heart crowned with the principles of fine craftsmanship, quality and inspired design . . .

. . . And Dalla Mano is not just for woman.  We have an exciting, trendsetting and growing Men's Collection, entitled Dalla Mano Uomo, that offers the same exclusivity, quality and craftsmanship as our Women's collection. 

Please take a look around our website to see what's in-store for you at Dalla Mano.

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All designs by Jonna Gill for Dalla Mano
All site photography by Jonna Gill



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